Is Multi-Tasking Harmful?

There has always been a huge debate on whether or not people can multi-task efficiently. According to Leo Widrich, multi-taking can be extremely harmful when trying to do something as efficiently as possible. Both Rebecca Rosen and Widrich argue that trying to do all these things at once only makes us feel like we are accomplishing a lot when we are actually getting very little accomplished. This in turn makes an individual feel good about oneself and causes us to want to do it again. Rosen also argues that we as a society read differently online than we do in a book. She states that people are more tempted to scan over material online than something printed in a book.

Personally, I agree with both Rosen and Widrich. I know that when I try to do more than one thing at once it seems to have an effect on the quality of my work, but listening to music doesn’t seem to have any affect on my work. Widrich tells his audience that there is a completely different part of our brain that we use to listen to music. I think that it is easier for some people to multi-task than others, but it is not helpful in any sort of way. Widrich also gives us some steps that he uses to keep himself from getting distracted. I don’t think that the step that includes jotting down a to-do list would be very efficient even if you sat down and talked about it with someone. There will always be something that will come up and distract you from completing your list. In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that it is harmful to multi-task in any situation.


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